Gunnel Sahlin


Gunnel Sahlin, is currently active as both an artist and a designer. Today, she is one of the glass artists who gave Sweden its name as one of the world’s most prominent producers of glass. With her liberated view of glass design and her playful color and joy of form, she during the 1990s contributed to giving the Kosta Boda brand a whole new meaning. Among her sales successes are the series “Frutteria”.

“The time at Kosta Boda was and is fantastic. Here there is an opportunity and space to try out new things, which creates dynamic results. When you’re working with glass, everything happens during the actual process of making. In my creation, I seek an untamable, primal power. It is present in nature and it is present in glass and that is what I search for.”

– Gunnel Sahlin


Series by Gunnel Sahlin