Homage showcase at Vessel Gallery

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Homage – Celebrating 275 Years of Kosta Boda Glassworks

Showcasing exclusive new artworks created by Frida Fjellman, Asa Jungnelius, Hanna Hansdotter, Lena Bergstrom and Mattias Stenberg. Each artist has taken inspiration from Kosta Boda’s rich heritage, marking a new creative chapter in its history.

For 275 years in the deep Swedish forest of Smaland, ordinary sand has been melted into incredibly crystal. Over the years, it evolved into a huge industry. Communities grew around the glassworks, and railways were laid all the way to Stockholm. In time, glass crossed oceans and by the 20th century, Kosta Boda crystal was internationally acclaimed and in demand. ‘Homage’ is a tribute to Swedish Design and is a great example of how this company has cherished its unique expertise and worked hard to constantly renew itself to reach new audiences. The exhibition is also part of the exemplary programme of events for this year’s London Craft Week.

Exhibition dates: 8th May – 9th June 2018

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