We love glass!

We at Kosta Boda have loved glass since 1742. Utility glass and art glass.

For 275 years, we’ve heated the furnaces in our glassworks in Swedish Småland to melt ordinary sand into incredible crystal. Over the years, it evolved into a huge industry. Communities grew up around our glassworks, and railways were laid all the way to Stockholm. In time, Swedish glass crossed oceans, and by the 20th century, our crystal was internationally acclaimed and in hot demand.

Now, to celebrate our 275th birthday, we’re proud to send our anniversary exhibition on tour. It showcases our illustrious history, in which Sweden’s foremost designers and artists have reinvented us time and time again.

We’ve invited five of the country’s most exciting artists to team up with famous names from our rich history. Frida Fjellman has joined forces with Erik Höglund, one of Kosta Boda’s most audacious innovators. Åsa Jungnelius chimes in with Ulrika Hydman-Vallien and challenges us with glass figures like none we’ve ever seen before.

The result is a gracious homage to our most beloved Swedish glass art. Not to mention a tribute to the tenacious, skilled artisans in the glass-blow- ing room. For without all the skill and courage of these hardy glassworks heroes, we’d be quite empty handed. Glass art is a triumph of technique. And techniques develop or are phased out. Renewal is important, but without our historical roots, we would never have survived when the winds blew cold.

We at Kosta Boda have never given up. Through all the crises and uphill climbs the Kingdom of Crystal has faced in these deep forests of Småland, we’ve cherished our unique expertise and worked hard to constantly renew ourselves and reach new audiences. That’s how we’ve made sure that we’ll still be delivering beautiful, exciting glass far into the future.

Because we love glass and crystal. We believe that Sweden’s world- renowned glass art will live on for a long time. Thanks to Frida Fjellman, Åsa Jungnelius, Hanna Hansdotter, Lena Bergström and Mattias Stenberg, we’re writing a new, creative chapter in Kosta Boda history. Something that our founders 275 years ago, Anders Koskull and Georg Bogislaus Staël von Holstein, would have applauded.


NK, Stockholm, 24 May – 26 June.

Form Design Center, Malmö, 19 June – 27 August.

Kosta Boda Art Gallery, Kosta 22 April – 30 September.

The series.

The artists.