– A series by Åsa Jungnelius

Åsa Jungnelius and Ulrica Hydman-Vallien have crossed paths more than once. Both infuse their work with feminism and the glory of the human form. Jungnelius also reaches out to artist Sven X-et Erixson with an array of bright colours and a never-failing temperament. Not many people know that the painter X-et has also worked with glass. In Boda’s archives, Jungnelius stumbled across an urn he designed in 1929, with snakes slithering across the glass. Much like an early Hydman-Vallien.

Since her debut at Kosta Boda in 2007, Åsa Jungnelius has experimented with typically feminine objects. Her playful works with lipsticks and nail varnish bottles never fail to astonish – and sometimes her expressive male and female organs raise a few eyebrows. She has truly carved out a place for herself in the world of glass designers.

And now she’s returning to Ulrica Hydman-Vallien, with whom she shares a sort of Eden-like passion. Not only for the man and the woman, but also for the glass itself.

Jungnelius’s anniversary apples – nine of them – show an even stronger passion for glass than before. Can anything be more glass than this? I wonder. Yes, she depicts fruits and genitals, but above all, what we encounter in her work is glass. Vibrant, juicy, enchanting, like in the fairytale. A material like none other, which at its best outshines just about everything.

“I wanted my apples to be desirable!” she says. “Delectable and hard to resist. Just like the one in the Garden of Eden.”

Glass apples have a long tradition. One that is particularly coveted among collectors is that of Ingeborg Lundin, who created giant, transparent apples, fragile as soap bubbles, from the 1950s on.

Åsa Jungnelius’s fruits are of a different ilk, created freehand in collaboration with the skilled artisans at the glassworks. Take a look at that bite! In the Bible, Eve took the first bite, then Adam. After that, nothing was ever the same again. Humans became aware of our nakedness and vulnerability. Jungnelius’s apples are from the same tree. Not poisoned, as in Snow White – but illuminating, almost blinding

Glass that has ripened in the hands of someone who knows how to amaze her audience time and time again.

Åsa Jungnelius

“My first aim is to create glass that tells a story. Then I use aesthetics as a way of depicting the objective world in my own subjective manner. Often, I use stereotypical artefacts as a model or reference in order to highlight or destroy the myth and its significance. As for glass itself, I love its glitter and shiny, hard surfaces, especially as a contrast to other materials.” – Åsa Jungnelius

Åsa Jungnelius was born in Stockholm and has been retained by Kosta Boda as a designer since 2007. She is fascinated by the way the value of an object is created and what it conveys about us and our world. She is continually challenging the establishment by questioning the structural norms of society. The resulting creations are razor sharp comments.

Åsa Jungnelius art spans a wide spectrum, covering issues such as aesthetic hierarchies, fashion, shopping, decadence and construction of gender. References that are all clearly expressed in the collections Jackie and Make Up.

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