– A series by Kjell Engman

“A powerful experience inspired the Badlycka (Bath Happiness) series. On one of my trips, I was moved at a gospel choir performance. One of the women, who was both broader and at least a head taller than me, took hold of me, lifted me off the floor, and swept me into a dance. The floor swayed and I was impressed by the agile movements. The music, strength and energy filled me, almost with this sense of euphoria.” – Kjell Engman

Kjell Engman

Kjell Engman is at the height of his creative powers. His infinite fantasy and storytelling transforms into wonderful collections and art glass. With a background as a professional guitarist in the seventies, Kjell Engman finds his inspiration in music. He also draws inspiration from the animal kingdom, and the elements of light and sound are always a part of his design process and art installations. Kjell Engman is frequently engaged in public artworks throughout the world.

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