Ellen Ehk Åkesson

Ellen Ehk Åkesson was born in Småland and is active in Nybro. Whether in ceramics, bronze or glass, her style frequently calls to mind the turn of the last century and Art Nouveau. The dark forest has become something of her laboratory. Ellen takes her roots in the soils of Småland to defiant dimensions by emphasizing contrasts and exuberant imagination.

“My work is often very experimental and I explore my way to expression by trying different techniques, where the materials have to conform to my narrative. In the beginning of the process, it’s important to have the courage to pause when something is half finished, to not rush and end up leaning into something pre-defined. That’s when the unexpected can happen; it’s where I can find traces of something invaluable to my progression. What is the glass trying to say to me? I also find it incredibly inspiring just to visit a glassworks, to see all the skilled workers in so many parts of the process. I get so many ideas. I get curious. I want to learn.” – Ellen Ehk Åkesson

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