– A series by Bertil Vallien

With the Earth series, Bertil Vallien expresses our place on the planet. The house, our safety, in a big and beautiful world. Earth includes four collectors’ items that inspire reflection on the small and large world in various ways. On Top Mini is this year’s new arrival to the series. A world in clear glass, light air bubbles and a golden home.

“The home provides protection, tranquility, inspiration and love. It offers room to breathe, time for our thoughts. A fixed place in a world that never stands still.” – Bertil Vallien

Bertil Vallien

“I love to work with a theme. Glass offers possibilities that no other material can. It’s like the outpouring from a volcano where the glowing mass is rapidlytransformed into ice. The challenge is to capture the look and the light at justthe right moment to allow the glass to reveal its secrets.”

Bertil Vallien is Sweden’s most famous glass artist and designer. He has won numerous awards and is richly represented in museums throughout the world. Vallien works with a mystical, dreamlike and symbolic world of motifs and carries out what he himself describes as an investigation, in close collaboration with his colleagues, many of whom he has worked closely with for decades. Vallien is most famous as an expert sand caster. His solid boats
in a deep blue colour are part of modern glass history. He is also the creator of Château, one of Kosta Boda’s most popular glassware series

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