– A series by Frida Fjellman

The inspiration for Hanna Hansdotter’s glass towers was the glass legend Monica Backström’s Space series from the 1980s with its “elegant urns” and monumental pieces. What was it that fired her imagination? “I like Monica Backström’s silvery items a lot, but I also love that rocket shape of her giant towers. The pieces are inspired by urban evenings. I call them quite simply Nightfall, and we make them in four different colours. Four different nightfall colours, if you wish. If you collect several of them, you’ll end up with a small city!” The towers have also been made botanical as well – they can be used both as sculptures and as vases.”

Frida Fjellman

Frida Fjellman comes from Mariestad, works in Stockholm and has been designing products for Kosta Boda since 2016. A highly sought-after artist, Frida is represented at many museums and cultural institutions with exhibitions that have won a number of awards and stipends over the years and have been hits not only at many Swedish art institutes, but also international ones – most recently ArtBasel in both Miami and Basel.

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