Non Stop

– A series by Anna Ehrner

”In this series I let the glass melt freely take its own shape. I’ve always been fascinated by how glass is able to show almost lifelike qualities. Free-blowing with no moulds at all means that the colour and the clear streaks contribute to making each vase completely unique. The colours I’ve chosen contribute even more to the sensuality of the vases.”

Anna Ehrner

“For me, creativity takes place in the blowing room. This is were the glass is conceived, where it is fashioned and comes alive. I want to work with the glass, not against it. In my designs, I try to follow along with the melt, with the sheer power of the glass, although I try at the same time identify the simple and subtle.” Anna Ehrner is experimental and stylistic in her expression. Her work is characterised by minimalistic yet powerful design language. Coloured lines inside the glass are a recurring feature for Anna Ehrner.

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