– A series by Matti Klenell

Viva is Kosta Boda’s first series of informal glasses for everyday contact. A small base table with a large area of ​​use where the boundaries between the different parts are dissolved and traditional functions are combined in a new way. 

The romantic echo from the glassworks‘ rich design history and the glass craftsmanship’s manufacturing traditions have inspired the series’ soft design language. The result is a very useful family glass on foot with accompanying carafe. The glass on foot with a wide cup can be used for red wine but even for beer or must. In the tall narrow glass on foot, white wine is served, but it also perfectly suits a red Bordeaux, a dessert wine or cava. The water glass has been given a functional foot as wellgiving it a distinct character. 

Matti Klenell

Matti Klenell is a well-known designer who has been acclaimed for his innovative contributions to the evolution of the Scandinavian design tradition. His work is always based on thorough research, including an analysis of need, the target group and the purpose of the task and product. He then usually creates a large quantity of sketches, prototypes and models before achieving the optimal result. His carefully designed products are characterized by form, function, character and personality. Often he also adds a twist of an exquisitely considered detail.

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